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Reflective Practice Supervision Group

The current supervision group runs at the practice in Hillary’s on a Friday from 3-5pm. The cost is $90 per hour plus GST. Early next year, in response to demand an alternative day may be introduced. Please register your interest and encourage your provisional psychologist colleagues to join if you would like the option of another day or time slot.

The group sessions are designed to support and enhance your skills as a therapist, providing a dedicated space to identify, assess, and progress any issues that arise. It is an opportunity to incorporate the theoretical approaches that you favour, ethically merging personal and professional elements as you develop and maintain therapeutic efficacy.

The process will allow for discussion around presentation, conceptualisation, treatment planning and implementation, helping you gain greater insight into potential challenges while exploring evidence-based solutions. The use of self-reflection tools will strengthen your clarity, validate your progress, and help you identify areas which require additional attention. The group will provide a platform to support your professional and personal growth across the eight core competencies.



The logistics

Up to 30 hours of supervision can be completed in a group setting with a secondary supervisor. These hours contribute to your overall supervision total and there is no limit on the number of secondary supervisors you can access. Adding a second supervisor is a simple process. Once you book into a group you will be emailed a letter to sign and lodge online via the AHPRA portal. The form needs to be lodged prior to the group (it can be the day before). Once lodged, it is immediately validated and your attendance at group supervision sessions can be counted towards your overall supervision total.


After each session you will receive a document confirming your attendance, summarising the content in relation to the eight core competencies with a link to provide feedback. The content document can be added to your logbook and viewed by your primary supervisor contributing to your ongoing discussions about your development and progress.


Throughout the year, attendees will be consulted, and other Board Approved Supervisors will be invited to facilitate the group. This gives you the opportunity to broaden your learning experience, and/or focus on special interest topics, and/or add to your supervision total.


The overall aim is to provide warm and down to earth supervision that bridges the gap between theory and practice. Green Road Psychology is committed to providing the next generation of therapists a cost-effective option to help meet the demands required of an internship.

Cancellation policy: Due to the limited number allowed in the group, maximum 5, payment is required 7 days prior to secure your place. An individual may be considered for a refund of 50% under special circumstances.

Still deciding?

If you are not sure this is the right fit for you, please consider listening to:

Supervisor Annabel on the Therapists as Humans podcast:

Former supervisee Lauren on the Mental Work podcast

Get the most from Supervision

To get the most out of the supervision group, consider joining the members page, where there will be resources uploaded after sessions and templates available to add a secondary supervisor in order to count supervision hours towards your internship.



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