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Kuma is a 5 year old maltese cross poodle also known as a moodle or a malty-poo. Kuma is Japanese for bear because when he was a pup he looked like a little bear.


Kuma hangs out at the practice, likes to visit everyone, and will sit on your lap if you let him. Kuma especially loves children and thinks they have all come to see him (including the ones walking past to go to the Hillary’s Chiropractic and Wellness Centre).


Kuma is a carefully chosen therapy dog with a calm temperament who is very chilled at work. However, given the chance he will do zoomies, fetch the ball, give you his teddy, swim at the beach, and play chasey (although he never wants to be “it” he only wants to be chased).

My Experience

Kuma will stare into your eyes, love you for simply being there, allow you to love him ALWAYS, pose for a photo, cuddle, and sit on your lap (if you want him to). He may also try to lick you to confirm his love (although he will get told off).


My Credentials

Kuma has a fully functioning limbic system and a limited frontal cortex. Given his unique dog qualities he is an expert in helping you in the moment. Kuma will stay curled up on your lap if you want him to. Although he doesn’t hold much value in thinking he loves to help you FEEL and BE (and his ultimate goal is always to LOVE and PLAY).


Available Days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

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