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Kuma is a maltese cross poodle also known as a moodle or a malty-poo but he prefers moodle. Kuma is 3 years old and has been trained to assist Annabel in her sessions. Kuma is available most sessions unless you don’t want him there. Kuma is a carefully chosen therapy dog with a calm temperament, however, given the opportunity he also loves to fetch the ball, throw teddies, go to the beach, and play hide and seek.

My Experience

Kuma is experienced in loving, cuddling, licking (although Annabel does not allow this), and lap sitting (if invited).

My Credentials

Kuma has a fully functioning limbic system and a limited frontal cortex. Given his unique dog qualities he is an expert in helping you feel in the moment. He doesn’t want you to think too much.

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