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ADHD Group

What We Offer

Green Road Psychology run monthly groups for people with ADHD. The topics covered target specific areas affecting  people with ADHD. These 12 topics have been researched and designed and are supported by the evidence base. Groups will be facilitated by Counselling Psychologist Annabel Hales.  The groups will be offered on Wednesday afternoons 1-2:30 PM, Wednesday evenings 5-6:30 PM and Saturday mornings 10-11:30pm. The 12 topics include: 

28/06/2023    - Topic 1: Accepting your ADHD diagnosis.
23/8/2023    - Topic 2: Women and ADHD (Women Only Group)
20/9/2023    - Topic 3: Time Management
15/11/2023    - Topic 4: Parenting with ADHD
13/12/2023    - Topic 5: Persistent not Consistent 
TBC 2024      - Topic 6: Permission to Rest
TBC 2024   - Topic 7: Overcoming Overwhelm
TBC 2024   - Topic 8: Relationships 
TBC 2024   - Topic 9: Brain Hacks
TBC 2024    - Topic 10: Procastivity
TBC 2024    - Topic 11: Pardoning the Past 
TBC 2024    - Topic 12: Emotional Regulation

To book your place, please book the topic based on the dates above. Pick topics that interest you!

Clients who have a current Mental Health Care Plan may be eligible for Medicare rebates. Please discuss with your referrer to the inclusion of group therapy. Group sessions are an affordable option. 

  • Green Road Psychology is running monthly ADHD support groups that are ...

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